Venergy 100% Pure Tongkat Ali extract

100% Pure Tongkat Ali


VENERGY is 100% Pure Tongkat Ali extract natural herb supplement that will boost men's self confident dramatically. It is proven to improve men's vitality, physical endurance, sensual stamina and performance because it contains the purest essence of the miracle herbs. VENERGY is wide-recognized by men in Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia for its excellent effects.



1. VENERGY utilize a revolutionary water soluble extraction process which able to capture the pure essence of the herb. Offering the finest Tongkat Ali in its definition.


2. VENERGY has the finest grade of active ingredients whereby it is 98% soluble and its ratio of extract powder is 1:30.


3. It is not just a basic health supplement but also absolutely high quality products.


Renowned test laboratories from several countries have certified VENERGY, safe for human consumption as it does not contain any harmful ingredients. It is registered and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia. Scientific research, reported the safety of VENERGY defer to the GMP standard production, the Hong Kong Department of Health have classified it as a non-pharmaceutical product and the international authority SGS measured the safety approval.