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 Men's Health Affecting by Stress


Facing the economic downturn challenges, 77% of men respondents admitted the pressure of the financial crisis has seriously affected the quality of sexual life. According to the survey, about 40% of male suffer from different degrees of sexual dysfunction, and 23% of married couples only have sex once a month. If men are lacking of testosterone, it will easily cause decline in gonadal function. However, if you can boost your testosterone back up to more youthful levels, it will help you to revitalize your sex drive and wonderful marriage life.


  Better Sex Life Good for Mens Health


Many impotence and sexual dysfunction is due to decreasing of testosterone. The testosterone is the hormone which the male needs, also is the hormone which the reproductive organ and the brain growth. Testosterone level decreases by aging process and stress steadily. Tongkat Ali holds up brilliantly under scientific scrutiny that glycoprotein appear to be the sex-promoting ingredients in the Tongkat Ali plant and helps to build a better sex life for men's health. Research found that sexual activity which leads to less depression and a better cardiovascular performance which means an improved metabolism, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, relive pain and improve overall sexual health. A healthy sex life can contribute to healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, better relationships, and satisfaction in many other aspects of life, including social, family and work environments.


VENERGY is Men's Treasure for Health Sex


VENERGY is 100% Pure Tongkat Ali extract natural herb supplement that contains no western drugs, absolutely no stimulated or aroused feelings and does not affect daily lives. VENERGY is utilized a revolutionary water soluble extraction through a unique freezing technology process to capture the purest essence of the herb in production. Simply by taking 2 capsules 2 hours before intercourse, gives you the power and strength immediately. VENERGY can boost men's self-confident dramatically. Regular use can even improve your overall energy and health level.


 Tongkat Ali Researches



Level of Testosterone Analysis results have shown that a 480% jump in the level of the male hormone testosterone after one week treatment with Tongkat Ali, conducted by Dr. Johari M. Saad and co-workers from the Department of Biochemistry, University Malaysia.
Improve Sexual Desire Study found that Tongkat Ali can increases sexual desire, performance and durability, statement by Dr. Ang Hooi Hoon, University Science Malaysia, School of Pharmacy, in collaboration with the institute for medical research and the University of Singapore's Medical Faculty, and conducted a 5 year scientific study.
Aphrodisiac Properties Eurycoma Longifolia known as aphrodisiac properties, recorded in a Dictionary of Malayan Medicine, Kuala. Lumpur, Oxford University Press, 1977