Tongkat Ali Biographies

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Tongkat Ali known as Malaysia's national treasure is being praised by the international pharmaceutical industry as green natural herbs and sold to worldwide. Tongkat Ali meaning is "Ali's Stick", the same word of male genitalia in Malay. It means to assist people to achieve long life and enhance libido and sexual function, so it was dubbed as“Natural Viagra”. Tongkat Ali also known as“Malaysia Ginseng”because of flavonoid compounds has been found in Tongkat Ali 5 times more than Ginseng. In Vietnamese call it as“tree can cure 100 diseases”




A Legend from Southeast Asia There was an elder indigenous named Muhammad Ali. Ali was going to the primeval forest for hunting at his ninety, but he lost and trapped in the forest. He found Tongkat Ali by chance and felt energetic after taken it. Being through all the hardships, he was finally found a way out from the forest by holding with a Tongkat Ali. Tribes had discovered Ali looked much younger than previous months before he lost. Ali also felt his illness was disappeared and his sexuality was back to as forty years old. Therefore, he told their tribes about the story of Tongkat Ali and then led them to find Tongkat Ali in the forest as their edible. A few years later, the whole indigenous became a very strong nation. The legend of miracle Tongkat Ali plant was then widespread around in countries.


In Early 19th Century Resistance to British colonial rule, Malaysian was hidden in the mist and gloomy forest in order to escape from British strong force chasing, and they used the natural herbs, Tongkat Ali, as their medicine for treatments. The Malaysian Anti-British hero, Mark Kilau, was death at the age of 124 years. It was thanks for the miracle effectiveness of Tongkat Ali, the wonderful magic plant ever found in the world!