Extra benefits of Tongkatali

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More Excellent Benefits of Tongkat Ali...


Resist Diseases


The scientist found that the key of hundred diseases are from free radicals. In the bodily, cells are attacked by the free radical over 70,000 times everyday. Cells lose its normal function by oxidization and cause other diseases. Tongkat Ali contains anti-oxidant properties, a kind of anti-oxidant enzyme that has the ability to inhibit the chain reaction of free radicals that are harmful to the body, thus Tongkat Ali inhibits aging process.




Build Strong Blood


Testosterone stimulates metabolism, promotes lipolysis (burning of fat) increase the formation of red blood cell. Tongkat Ali inhibits sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), provide more free testosterone remains in the blood helping to reduce body fat and risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.


Enhance Libido and Sexual Function


Tongkat Ali is a national treasure, the object of a sexual potency craze. Testosterone is the most important of the male sex hormones. Increasing testosterone is the key factor in increasing sex drive. Glycoproteins are proven to be the sex-promoting ingredients in Tongkat Ali.




Anti-ulcer Activities


In the past 10 years research, Pasakbumin A (eurycomanone) and Pasakbumin B exhibited potent antiulcer activity. The quassinoid 14, 15 beta-dihydroxyklaineanone from eurycoma longifolia inhibited tumor promoter-induced Epstein-Barr virus activation.


Alleviate Anxiety and Stress


Diazepam works by acting on receptors in the brain and helps keep the nerve activity in the brain in balance and is involved in reducing anxiety and relaxing muscles.Therefore, Diazepam contains in Tongkat Ali can help the body to adapt and cope with stress when dealing with difficulties.




Inhibit Lipid Peroxidation


Cholesterol and other blood fats form the lipid peroxidation in the bodily blood vessel which can cause heart disease, atherosclerosis, and stroke. Tongkat Ali extract can increases blood enzyme to inhibit the production of lipid peroxide.


Alkaloids and Quassinoids in Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) have examined cytotoxic activity against cancer cells.  




Enhance Immunity


The immune system is the bodily defense network, can distinguish and eliminate the virus. Tongkat Ali has high molecular weight polysaccharide and glycoprotein that can enhance and balance the immune cell activity, prevents the bacterium and virus's attack.


Restoring Youth


Tongkat Ali contains high level of Superoxide Dimutase, a kind of anti-oxidant enzyme that has the ability to inhibit the chain reaction of free radicals that are harmful to the body thus Tongkat Ali inhibits aging process.




Nourishing Kidney


The bitter taste in Chinese medicine has the function of cleaning heat and detoxification which is very good for health. Tongkat Ali also has bitter taste (Simaroubaceae) can infiltrate the spleen and kidney. It is very good to the kidney removing and eliminating kidney wet and turbidity and enables renal water accessible which can conducive to the kidney detoxification.


Improve Fertility


The testosterone level was found to increase in the presence of Tongkat Ali. Testosterone is the most important of the male sex hormones, which are known as androgens, and are produced in the gonads. Testosterone plays a key role in the development and maturity of male sex organs. Testosterone serves for protein biosynthesis in accelerating muscle regeneration, increase sperm quantity, improve fertility and speed up recovery time after illness.




Anti Cytotoxic


Alkaloids and Quassinoids in Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) have examined cytotoxic activity against cancer cells.


Protecting DNA molecule


DNA is an important element in the body to maintain healthy cell growth. Various types of chemicals, pollutants and free radicals will cause the destruction of DNA. Tongkat Ali polysaccharide molecules can help to restore and repair the damage!




Improving Blood Circulation


Tongkat Ali is traditionally used as a general tonic to treat high blood pressure with significant effects.


Anti-malarial Effect


Studies on the biological effects of Tongkat Ali began in the 1980s. Studies showed that the roots of Tongkat Ali have a group of plant chemicals called quassinoid alkaloid and peptide that has the property to kill malaria parasites.




Anti-fever Effect


In 1995, it reported that the quassinoid extracted from Tongkat Ali has an anti-fever effect. From this experiment, the quassinoid was 2 times more effective than aspirin.


Anti-allergic Activity


Studies found Tongkat Ali has several quassinoids including eurycomanone, eurycomalactone which can anti-allergies.




Malaysian Ginseng


Malaysian are valued Tongkat ali as equally high as ginseng. The Korean researchers also found the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali is stronger than North Korea ginseng.




In recent research, Tongkat Ali properties have shown anti-hyperglycaemic activity.




Increase Energy & Strength


Energy in our body is stored in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) high energy molecules that are used to perform energetic activities. Research from Tongkat Ali’s extract has the ability to boost the production of ATP by 60% through oxidative phosphorylation. Tongkat Ali can consume to boost energy levels, overcome fatigue.